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midnight nation


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about sanri

name . just call me Rusk.
age . looks way younger than actually is
occupation . capo crimine and part-time pirate
appearance . short. cold hands. black hair. paler than white painted polarbear in the middle of the North Pole. and a slightly crooked smile.
personality . easily bored. scheaming.
likes . mafia. sleeping. yawning. reading. eating. soap operas. wonderland ♥
dislikes . mornings. flu. children. loud noises.
current obsessions . wild adapter. saiyuki reload. persona-series. flight.
♫ . tori amos. kt tunstall. damien rice. counting crows. clazziquai project. m-flo. han hee jung. bluedawn. home made kazoku. poe.


"We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."

"The journey’s long, and it feels so bad."

"Sure, love isn't for us, honey."

"And here by the ocean the sky's full of leaves
And what they can tell you depends on what you believe"

other stuff

Wrapped in silent
Beautifully broken down
As illusions burst
Too late to learn from
Too late to wonder how
To finish first

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